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How to get Vote Kicked from a 10v10 Server
by Mr. Bonnie
This is a pro guide that will help you how to get kicked from a 10v10 server!...
Survivor[s] VS. Survivor[s] Tatics and Tips
by unRyker
Introduction Ever been in a friendly-fire fight with a greifer, bad teammate or just wanted to start one and they took a good number off your health- perhaps even incapacitated and possibly died ? Well, [url=
How to get all special Achievements in "Dark Carnival"
by oO_Trololo_Oo
This guide will show you, how to get the Achievements which you can only get on the campaign/map "Dark Carnival"...
Recording L4D2 Gameplay
by a_bo0n
In this guide, I will cover how to record L4D2 Gameplay(Actually any gameplay ^^) in 1080p/720p with acceptable file sizes....
A Guide to Grenades in Left 4 Dead 2
by lewdan
This is a quick guide on when and how to use the grenades on Left 4 Dead 2 ...
L4D2 Weapons and Survivors
by iiLGalaxy︻デ┳═ー
This guid tells you which Weapons, Achievements, and Survivir skins are the best looking or best to use in a campaigne story mission...
Comment devenir Modder sur L4D2 - FR
by Fouka
Ce Guide va vous permettre de devenir "Modder" sur Left 4 Dead 2 ! Si vous avez aimé, n'hésiter pas à évaluer le guide ;) Ce Guide sera comme un tutorial, il y aura plusieurs étapes pour réaliser ce guide. Je suis un des seuls Modders Fran...
L4D2 Tips and Tricks and Secrets (WIP)
by Gibbs
Ever wondered how to survive? No worries! I'll explain it to you....
How to kill tank
by Suicide watch
If you're having trouble at killing a tank then I'm your man to help with this problemo...
How to remove motion blur in L4d2(no matter shader sttings)
by Ethius
This is how to remove motion blur no matter your shader settings Go to library > right click in l4d2 > Properties > Launch game options > +mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max 0 <--then copy and paste this in there DONE!!! Thats it! No more bothe...
How not to rip the skin by pulling too hard
by Brad McGuire
Want Quick-Tips Newcomers?
by krootonitron
What The F#%! Is Left 4 Dead 2?
by Superb0ss
A good game with good guns. Although, you might suck at first it is all worth the time in the long run. But first, you gotta know a little about the game you are going to play. This guide is designed for old, and new players so come on join in on the fun....
Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
How to be sweg in l4d2
by Sadistya
Générateur de succées L4D2 POUR LES NULS
by ADDk_ /DayZ\
Salut à tous ! Aujourd'hui , je vais vous présentez , un générateur de succées pour Left 4 Dead 1 et 2 , et même tout les jeux que vous possédez contenant des succées . C'est mon 2ème "Left 4 Dead 2 POUR LES NULS " Donc soyez indulgent . Et bien ...
Créer un serveur L4D2 POUR LES NULS
by ADDk_ /DayZ\
Salut tout le monde ; Je sors mon premier Guide "Left 4 deads 2 POUR LES NULS", Aujourd'hui j'apprend comment faire un serveur Left 4 Dead 2 ! Tout ça en ! Donc abonnez-vous, vous ne serez pas décu des prochains "Left 4 deads 2 POUR LES NULS" !...
Como jugar como Infectado Especial [TRUCOS TIPS VAL]
by Visual B.NET Coder
Noobs Siempre piensan que son jugadores decentes ............ y casi nunca lo son o por desgracia no lo son! Estos son algunos consejos para no ser NOOB en cuanto a jugabilidad como Infectado especial (smoker boomer, jockey, spitter,charger,hunter,tank y...
Памятка Выжившего: Выбор оружия
by Aelayar
Данная Памятка содержит в себе краткую информацию об оружии и базовые принципы выбора оных. Вариант этот не окончательный и впоследствии м...
Руководство о сервере: "RPG-NightWolf"
by Graveworm
!!! ПРИВЕТСТВУЕМ ВАС !!! Наше руководство о том, как правильно играть и прокачиваться на сервере RPG-Nightwolf в игре Left 4 Dead 2. Вступайте в группу!...
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev
by † Artheдain †
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev. In this guide I will show you how to kill da zombies with Russian precision....
Advancing in Realism Expert
by lesbian sugar baby
Improving Realism Expert Gameplay...
How To Counter All Infected
by Deidara
I am here to tell you how to counter all infected effectively so you can play like an mlg player and score 360noscopeheadshots everytime :)...
Памятка Выжившего: Инструкция к применению
by Aelayar
Сия памятка есть сборник основных советов по игре в Left 4 Dead 1&2. Она представляет собой набор односложных правил/советов/максим общеигрового ...
How to mute someone in-game!
by Danny
Someone bugging the hell out of you? Can't get rid of them? Here's how to get back some piece and quiet!...
Tipps and Tricks for Versus
by Methadone Texas
Multiplayer Survivor Tactics Versus/Survival/Scavenge Mode Survivor Tactics (these also apply to the main game) Below is a list of tips for dealing with specific enemy Infected, whether in Campaign, Versus, Survival or Scavenge mode. Note that in th...
Tips for Beginners
by Jimstep Hen
This is a Guide for the Beginners in the Realm of L4D-L4D2. - Today we can teach you how to Do some tricks that will make your life easier, And how to Get on your road to Expert. - (Rude/Uncanny Comments will be Removed!) (If you have nothing posi...
How to know when a player is active
by Spy149
Hi, I recently been kicked from a game that i was active on for 'being idle'. I was playing vs and my teammates kicekd me, one of their names was +relayer, the others are sir meowmers, hash tag, carstumps derpintine. there were two others that didnt do a...
How to deal with pros and speed runners
by Shadow the trader (offers!)
Most "pros" could be real jerks sometimes. Don't get me started on those speed runners. Here's how to deal with them....
Возьми Grizzly на слабо в Left4Dead2
by Grizzly_Mishka
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