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[RUS] Как опубликовать свою работу в Steam Workshop
by AndrewRi [RUS]
Вы хотите опубликовать свое творение в Мастерскую Steam, но не знаете, как это сделать? Это руководство для вас!...
Witches Get Stitches
by Deci-kins
A clever catalogue concerning courteously and courageously killing cantankerous crying chicks....
Stable LAN connection coop game via OpenVPN
by Thiesius
This guide should work only if you have public IP. If you haven't got public IP, you can stop reading. Otherwise this guide describes how to setup OpenVPN and Left 4 Dead for playing over internet as a LAN game....
types of peopleZ on da wekshop and ot off twerkshop
by Nelson01023
k so dis is dat tuttoral on wat tu download on werkshop and non werkshop etems...
How to Uncensor the Australian Edition
by Kill-Cam Celebrity
In case you haven't heard, good news: The Australian Ratings Board has unbanned the real L4D2! Just follow these steps to percieve the zombie apocalypse with unreasonably high amounts of carnage!...
Left 4 Dead 2 Sound File List & Settings
by Knappy
Lists files and their properties as a reference for successfully modifying the sound files within Left 4 Dead 2 This is a work-in-progress!...
by Louis Bennet
Охотник Прыгун Гопник (англ. Hunter) — ловкий особый зараженный, который обладает невероятной силой и ловкостью. Его роль как в Left 4 Dead, так и Left...
Play like a bro, not like a shmoe.
by Deci-kins
Get you some proper Left 4 Dead 2 etiquette learnin'....
How to play with no bots, alone or with people
by Ratchet Lombax
This guide will tell you how to play Left 4 Dead 2 in Co-op, Mutations that are Co-op, and Survival (Don't know why you would want to do it on survival) without any bots, allowing you to play totally alone, with someone else or other 2 people without any ...
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