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All you need to know about Left 4 Dead 2!
by Phillis Bill Willis
This guide contains everything, EVERYTHING, you need to know about L4D2. This includes the zombies and thier abilities, the weapon stats, the maps, the characters, tips and much more! If you are new, check this guide out! If you are pro, still check it ou...
How to Ditch Your Team
by Envy
Sick of your team being slow as a snail? You want to get to the safe house without being held back? Then.. This guide is special for you, I'm going to teach you how to ditch your team....
재밌는 레프트 4 데드
by 씨덕
Left 4 Dead play is really fun right now Let's go! We know from three years, enjoyed had stories I wrote. Please press or ratings of ... 평가하기 버튼한번 눌러줘요... Image guide the original sources :
Как убить ведьму из снайперки
by Sex&Whiskey
Доброго времени суток. Думаю, всем более-менее опытным игрокам известно, что ведьма легко убивается из дробовика с одного выстрела в голову...
Характеристики огнестрельного оружия из Left 4 Dead 2
by Папа
Памятка Выжившего: Инструкция к применению
by Aelayar
Сия памятка есть сборник основных советов по игре в Left 4 Dead 1&2. Она представляет собой набор односложных правил/советов/максим общеигрового ...
How to replace music/sounds in l4d1 and l4d2 with a song/sound of your choice.
by JackRabbit20
This is going to show you how to convert and replace sounds or music with the original music of l4d1 or 2. It is complicated to understand at first but it gets really easy once you do it. Please note: If your song cuts out before it is over, that's bec...
The players you will encounter when playing Left 4 Dead 2
by Sandvich
So you decide to read this guide eh? Good, in this guide I will be showing the different kind of players you will find when playing Left 4 Dead 2 (Note this guide was inspired by another guide from Team Fortress 2 which is The 6 players you'll meet in Ma...
Guide to Level Up your Steam Profile
by Tя!cky ツ
I get asked alot ... How did i get to Level 100? Why should you care about Leveling Up your Steam Profile...? 1) If your a L4D2 Modder like me you can unlock both Workshop Showcases, to show your Mods! 2) Too many Friends and not enough room in yo...
Apprendre à jouer en équipe
by TheBBM
Ce guide, français, est fait pour vous apprendre à bien jouer en équipe sur Left4dead2. Ici je ne parle que d'équipe définies à l'avance et non de matchmaking aléatoire. J'ai plus de 500h de L4D1 et plus de 600 sur L4D2. Bonne lecture....
How to Switch Survivors
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows how to switch survivors in game. Make sure developer console is on. Options > Keyboard/Mouse > then enable Allow Developer Console....
Создание звуковых модов
by Mace-the-Dreamkeeper
В этом руководстве я вас научу делать звуковые моды для Left 4 Dead 2. Для этого нам понадобится: 1. Программы Freemake Audio Convertor и Left 4 Dead 2 Authoring Tools. 2. М...
Left 4 Dead 2 Console Commands
by Matulaak
A list of all the console commands for Left 4 Dead 2 and how to use them....
Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
Admin System - Command List
by Rayman1103
This guide details the available commands for my Admin System mod. If you have any questions or are having problems getting a command to work, please let me know and I'd be happy to assist you. The mod can be found on both [url=
[PT-BR|EN] Proezas fáceis - Easy Achievements!
by [̲̅<̲̅ѳ̲̅>̲̅] Bio ټ
O modo mais fácil para ganhar todas as proezas - The easiest way to gain all achievements....
My L4D2 'no-cheat' Achievement Guide!
by CS: Grumperson
Please note that these are my tips. I don't say they haven't been discovered or written down earlier, I just thought I could help players getting these achievements. Actually learning the game and playing all the game modes will give you insight into the ...
Steam Badge Market Pricing & Acquisition Considerations - Statistical Analysis
by FirehawK
One of the most frequently asked questions always raised becomes how it is possible to achieve a certain Steam account level and regards to the level of incurred costs of performing these operations. While this is a loaded question, much can be explained ...
Meet the Modders of L4D2
by Tя!cky ツ
Hello, come and meet your Modders!...
Очищаем историю ников в профиле стима.
by Defalt
Данный гад был немного изменен (смотрите в конце ссылку на оригинал) и снова опубликован - в нём вы узнаете как очистить историю никнеймов в ...
Моя сборка mlp модов
by Luna
Моя сборка mlp модов здесь будут описаны моды на mlp с которыми я играю Left 4 Dead 2...
Custom Survivor Replacement
by Splinks
Welcome Masses! If you're here clueless let me fill you in. On this page you will be educated on how to do a model replacement for L4D2 survivors. This tutorial will have the steps you need to know how to set up, start, finish a custom survivor replac...
Achievement Guide: Valve Gift Grab 2011 - L4D
by «mowshu»
In this simple guide I will show you how to easily earn the achievement ''Valve Gift Grab 2011 - L4D'' in any year. A different and easier way than the other guides....
Melee weapon detailed analysis (v 1.5)
by scintillating luminescence
A thorough analysis of the official melee weapons and how to use them effectively Updated 3/29/15 - Added information to each melee weapon regarding the delay between the melee attack beginning and the first hitray, and also added information about whi...
Como jugar bien una partida de Left 4 Dead 2
by St3ampunk Cristhian
Esta guia es para mejorar, tu rendimiento, cooperatividad, etc XD En fin mira si te sirve...
Типы игроков в Left 4 Dead 2
by Дваче-san
Вам интересно, кого вы встретите в Left 4 Dead 2 среди ваших товарищей? Вам сюда....
Achievement Strenght in Numbers
by wittee;
This guide is for those who doens't have the achievement, since there is impossible to get it nowadays... Here it goes: Step 1: Subscribe and download the mod Improved Bots from the workshop, here on steam. The link for the mod: http://steamcomm...
Left For Dead 2: La clé de la victoire !
by WhiteBerry
Dans Left for dead 2, il y à bien une map qui restera gravée dans nos têtes : Le Sacrifice. Cette map signifie la mort de Bill, le personnage emblématique de Left for dead ! Avec Left for dead 2 , vous pouvez revivre ce passage. Mais si vous ne co...
Versus Strategy Guide
by 3errick
This guide will teach you the various strategies and tactics used in a versus game. It covers many tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective player....
How To Create Sound Mod .vpk's
by JackRabbit20
This will show how to create .vpk mods (specifically for sound mods) and then upload it to the workshop (which is optional) using 90% pictures. Had a request to create this. Have any questions or confused? Email me at: Comm...
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