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Создание собственного спрея
by Niggaдяй
создаем спреи...
How to show your loss&choke WITHOUT colorful graph in game.怎样在游戏中查看loss和choke而不看见彩色图表,
by Sakey
Fifst,you need your game console opened(Options->Keyboard/Mouse->Allow developer console->Enabled) 首先,你需要打开游戏的控制台(设置选项->键鼠控制->允许开发者控制台->开启) Second,press "~" and type some commands below...
Saber usar los botiquines
by kevinNED7
::ENGLISH:: There is only 2 ways to use it properly : 1. - The computer is only one all you should help . 1.1 . Survival : Good team - Logically support one you used when your screen turns gray. 1.2 . versus : Good team - Logically used when you a...
Изменения Прицела с помощью консоли ~
by Niggaдяй
Изменения толщины прицела, изменения цвета прицела, изменения прозрачности прицела, изменения велечины прицела - можно сделать динамичес...
[FR] Tutoriel mapping n°1: Les bases
by Azz' Walker
Ce tutoriel est fait pour les débutant pour ceux qui n'ont jamais touché a ce logiciel....
How to Name Spam
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows you how to name spam in Left 4 Dead 2....
[How to] fix several issues, crashes or missing files
by mwob
The following guide will help you to minimize the errors/issuses/crashes by using Steam´s option to verify the game caches of Left 4 Dead 2. - contains multiple languages...
1300Mstick's guide to life
by I300Mstick
How to be gewd at l4d2...
Вид от 3-лица. [ RUS, ENG ]
by Поняшка
Сегодня я вам расскажу как сделать вид от 3-лица без модов и без всяких усилий. Многие играли в Dead Space и многие игры от 3-лица. Вы можите по...
Тактика прохождении кампании Вымерший центр
by NiDO
В этом руководстве вы сможете рассмотреть лучшее места для нападения, играя за зараженных или лучшее прохождение для выживших....
How to get the Super Grenade Launcher
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows you how get the super grenade launcher....
How to Use Supplies the RIGHT WAY.
by Lucky the Riolu
Are you sick of players (say, little 5 year old pieces of crap) using up your health kits? Your Pills? Heroin? Well look at this guide! ON HOW TO USE YOUR SUPPLIES PROPERLY WITHOUT LITTLE KIDS RUINING THE FUN!...
how to play payday 2
by 2muchsanicfast4u
this is how u play payday 2 in l4d2...
L4D2 Zombies/Infected
by JolyBell
В этом руководстве вы найдёте много интересной информации о видах зомби....
How to Kill the Witch with One Shot
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows you how to kill the Witch in one shot....
Chapter 4: Just the tip
by Polly
Chapter 4 consists of a mindset as much as a set of golden rules on how to play the game. These are carefully developed and refined through thousands of hours of gameplay between a chosen few L4D ambassadors™. Do yourself a favour and take our advice. ...
How to not be a newb at l4d2
by Doors
In this guide we will be talking about how to be mlg and super amazing at l4d2. Read and cherish every sentance to improve your playing skills....
How to Kill Tank in one hit
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows you how to kill a tank in one hit....
How to speedrun
by [GER]BratwurstLover69
A basic noob friendly guide on how to speedrun in Left 4 Dead 2 :)...
Quick Violence and Gore Setting Comparison [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
A VIDEO guide to the 3 violence and gore settings within L4D2. How they look, the performance benefits to changing the setting, the hidden 3rd setting etc....
How to place a M2 50 cal. Machine Gun
by Bl4cKPiXeL
In this Guide I'll show you how to place a M2 50 cal. Machine Gun wherever you want ;)...
How to individually mute a player in-game (needs console enabled)
by Mr. Moodles
Mutes any player of your choosing, on your team or opposite. Works for versus, co-op campaign, mutation and survival...
Power of Throwables
by 💪BBG*Szpuntel
Bugs, triks, secrets ;) link YT:
Guide des succès Left 4 dead 2
by Benji62
Guide des succès de Left 4 dead 2. Toujours utile si l'on bloque sur l'un d'eux en cours de partie. Il y a un total de 69 succès sur la version PC de Left 4 Dead 2. ...
tips and tricks
by toon_link2
in this guide you will learn alot of useful stuff like how to stun witches,deal with tanks,stop charges & more...
by ぞうさん
Como jugar como Infectado Especial [TRUCOS TIPS VAL]
Noobs Siempre piensan que son jugadores decentes ............ y casi nunca lo son o por desgracia no lo son! Estos son algunos consejos para no ser NOOB en cuanto a jugabilidad como Infectado especial (smoker boomer, jockey, spitter,charger,hunter,tank y...
Минуса и трюки на карте "Крыша" режима сбор.
by stes'nyashka ♥
Здесь будут показаны минуса, и пару трюков для тех, кто только начал играть в сбор. Все будет сделано на самой популярной карте "Крыша"....
L4D2 -> Guia Simples
by Toxic D
Um guia Simples em PT-BR sobre os modos de jogo e os Infectados...
Guide for TGIF Arcade: How to stop worrying and survive zombie mutant apocalypse land
by Heaven's Punisher
Guide for Friends xoxoxoxoxo <3
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