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How to change Gun viewmodel
by Fr1ght3n [MöH]™
Want to change your gun viewmodel? well then you are in the right place...
Logro: Ghost of Christmas Present - Español
by Chrisz
Holas a todos, como pueden ver estoy desarrollando los 70 logros, espero que sean de tu agrado y logre ayudarte....
How to add the 5th bot without cheats/mods
by Davide7097
This guide will teach you how to add the 5th bot without use any cheats or mods(it works on Valve servers too) in Campaign/Survival mode. It's pretty simple, requires one minut and you don't need to enable the sv_cheats . NOTE: You can't make th...
Simple Guide: How to Play L4D2
by Mike
Make a Team. Take Pillz. Kill Zombie. Don´t rush. Don´t shoot each other. Burn tanks. Share items. Keep a spare bille jar (Rush events) Keep a spare defib. Avoid meele weapons. Avoid witches. /If killed/ (In any case of death use spare defib) ...
Left 4 dead 2 Uncut
by [TRGFC] Andy_E_Guitar [Ger]
Jeder kennt das ihr seht euch Lets Plays an und seht das die zombies liegen bleiben oder Körperteile abgehen, mehr Blut spritzt ich kann euch bei diesem Problem helfen: 1. Ihr geht auf diese Seite und...
How to be the best teamkiller/not so friendly person in left4dead2
by Iridius
Now, there's a lot of guides on how to teamkill or "troll" on left 4 dead 2. Mostly however, are really just there to tell teamkillers to go fuck themselves. But not this guide. I'll help you step by step to show you how to be the most annoying little shi...
Left 4 Dead 2 Infected Types
by [VGOwner] Ninjaty2014
This is the 'basic' guide of Infected Types in Left 4 Dead 2...
How to get 'valve gift grab' achievement: In English
by Mr.Tank.Bhop™
hello, i will help you how to get the 'valve gift grab' achievemnt. you may already saw something like this in russian from Niko Anderson, but i will sort of translate it the only thing you have to do is: 1: turn l4d2 of 2: chance your date in 29 dece...
Advice to Teamkillers
by Faith
Just a few advices to all Teamkillers....
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