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Importar imagen para el Grafity en Left4Dead 2
by BgB - Bill "Chile"
Importar imagen para el Grafity en Left4Dead Hola a todos los amigos del team acá les dejo el tutorial de cómo cambiar el Aerosol o spray que se utiliza en el juego, esta inquietud que me la han traspasado algunos amigos y acá resolveremos v...
Friendly fire? *ME GUSTA*
by [ Don Camillo 7 ]
You always saw that kind of person on multiplayer. If you didn't or just because you never saw one: Friendly fire is when you shot a Teammate or a friend. It's usually because of Griefers or Trolls who think this is funny to annoy people while playing....
MGFTW Bind Commands
by ミLovatic彡
This guide can be for anyone, but I made this for MGFTW players. It's hard trying type !buy or something real quick without team being to far or getting attack by special infected. This is the fastest way I know how to do it and it's very helpful and not ...
Advanced Aiming Tips
by Tikky`
Some tips from a perfectionist "aiming" to greatly improve someone's aim, including setting tweaks and also details about physically moving the mouse....
How 2 B Teh Swaggiest Zambie killa 12ever
by Potato
This gide will maek you teh best zambie Killer on steem. U will b envyd by ur teammatez when u roll in2 a gaem....
How to play L4D2 online
by Nicoleslaw
A guide to help ensure you are ready to engage with the friendly and open community of L4D2....
this is my gui
by Blingie
soz about the title i never rly finish my sent anyways hi there how are...
Типы игроков в Left 4 Dead 2
by Mr.Chet
19-ое Августа 2014 года. Обновление. Типы игроков в Versus режиме будут добавлены в ближайший момент....
Left 4 Dead 2 Sound File List & Settings
by Knappy
Lists files and their properties as a reference for successfully modifying the sound files within Left 4 Dead 2 This is a work-in-progress!...
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