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[Guía] Left 4 Dead 2 Compilado Logros mas DIficiles
by Dante's Flashes
Dejo un compilado de a mi parecer los logros mas dificiles de hacer, que ya sea por bugs u poca informacion muchos no los tienen: La unión hace la fuerza: Ghost of Christmas Present(si...
How to play Splitscreen with 2 xbox 360 controllers
by kesuga7
So i try to make guide to make it as easy as possible to get splitscreen working with 2 xbox 360 controllers because i was kind of confused how to even do it myself #1
Left 4 Dead 2 Infected Types
by [VGOwner] Ninjaty2014
This is the 'basic' guide of Infected Types in Left 4 Dead 2...
Custom Steam Skins
by WiZ
This is a guide to use Custom Steam Skins. A Custom Steam Skin is for your main Steam Screen. Follow the step by step instructions for installation. It will provide links to the Custom Skins. From the Default skin to a Custom skin....
How clear history of nicknames in a steam profile.
by Defalt
This reptile was translated into English (you watch at the end the link to the original in Russian) and published - in it you learn as to clear history of nicknames in a steam profile....
Очищаем историю ников в профиле стима.
by Defalt
Данный гад был немного изменен (смотрите в конце ссылку на оригинал) и снова опубликован - в нём вы узнаете как очистить историю никнеймов в ...
How to be an L4D2 pro
by Kill-Cam Celebrity
Ever since the holiday free-day, there's so many n00bz. Learn to play like a pr0 by reading this....
How to change Gun viewmodel
by Fr1ght3n [MöH]™
Want to change your gun viewmodel? well then you are in the right place...
Left 4 Dead 2: Colección de Logros - 09/70
by Chrisz
Holas gente, como pueden ver el titulo es el desarrollo completo de los 70 logros, espero ir recopilando informacion sobre todos estos logros, si tu tienes alguna idea de como obtener alguno, te agradeceria mucho que la compartieras conmigo. Canal d...
Simple Guide: How to Play L4D2
by Mike
Make a Team. Take Pillz. Kill Zombie. Don´t rush. Don´t shoot each other. Burn tanks. Share items. Keep a spare bille jar (Rush events) Keep a spare defib. Avoid meele weapons. Avoid witches. /If killed/ (In any case of death use spare defib) ...