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slr 2013年7月4日 15時32分
crash at end of each level
I just played the first two levels and noticed it crashed after a level is completed.
Might be just my linux system?.. or do more of you have this problem.
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slr 2013年7月4日 15時38分 
Just noticed it was already listed as a bug:
vollmond 2013年7月6日 9時23分 
I confirm this bug.
My dmesg
[40736.429028] hl2_linux[8951]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000f64c0f73 sp 00000000f4f09d30 error 4 in libnvidia-glcore.so.325.08[f5099000+206c000]
[41598.767466] hl2_linux[9628]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000f64f1f73 sp 00000000f4f3bfc0 error 4 in libnvidia-glcore.so.325.08[f50ca000+206c000]
HairyBob 2013年7月6日 20時13分 
Not sure if it's the same bug but at the end of dark carnival when the mike comes on it crashes since the last update. Also noticed that 2 pointless trading cards are added to my steam at the same time (might be related)
Mopkap 2013年7月7日 23時53分 
I get this too and I'm on Windows 7. The new updates have not been very good :(
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