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gcclinux 2013年5月22日 7時59分
How do I get it?
i had lef4dead 1 & 2 on the xbox, i just found out that it's available as beta on linux if you have the steam version, soi just purchased the steam left4dead 2 but i can not see it in my library, the beta version. I have no use to the windows version as i do not own a windows pc anymore. Many thanks for your help!
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kozec 2013年5月22日 9時40分 
That's pretty weird, it should be listed under Linux Games. Try to run this:
steam steam://rungameid/223530["steam]
(or open link part in your browser)
最近の変更はkozecが行いました; 2013年5月22日 9時42分
gcclinux 2013年5月22日 11時53分 
Brilliant, restarted Steam and there it is! I can now once again enjoy L4D2 and all because it got ported to Linux otherwise I would not get it :-)
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