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but it do 2013年5月13日下午2:56
m_rawinput breaks mouse input
With m_rawinput 1, mouse input is extremely sluggish and erratic. Disabling m_rawinput solves the problem, but required me to redo my sensitivity settings.
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Grayn0de 2013年6月10日上午11:51 
Confirmed. (Arch x64)
最后由 Grayn0de 编辑于; 2013年6月10日上午11:51
slr 2013年7月4日下午3:30 
I had a problem that the mouse move only worked in a certain angle in non-raw mode.
Now playing with raw mode and I don't see the problem any more.
slr 2013年7月5日下午2:27 
Just noticed the "angle" problem I was having it that sometimes the mouse is also
handling the desktop cursor (which is limited to the screen size and prevents me
from getting of screen). It only happens sometimes and presssing Alt-Tab to get out
of the game and then Alt-Tab again to get back will solve it.
So it seems the desktop sometimes takes control or the game lets it?
BTW: this had nothing to do with the raw input mouse setting.. it did not help.
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