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.JezMM 2013年5月4日上午4:05
L4D1 Co-Op Feedback
Only one small problem with this mode to me - if possible it would make sense to remove L4D2 elements from the stats roll at the end of the campaign, as of course boomer bile, adrenaline, chargers, spitters and jockeys don't appear in this mode.

Other peeps can feel free to give further feedback in this thread too of course.
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ViolentStreak 2013年6月23日上午6:15 
Kudos to Valve for bringing their wonderful Left 4 Dead 1 co-op mutation into L4D2. I'm an avid Left 4 Dead player, but it pleases me to know that I can get to play all the L4D2 official and add-on maps in the style of L4D 1, and to have all this supported on the official servers eventually.

I know this is still only in beta at the moment, but will the sounds from the original game be in L4D2 too? as and when the game finally goes live? At present it's still using SIs sounds from L4D2, same with some of the weapon sounds. I'm not opposed to having L4D2 sounds in the L4D 1 mutation, I just think that there should be a "classic" version of the "L4D 1 co-op" mutation with all the original sounds and music.

Also from my own play tests, I'm finding way too many med kits scattered around the maps, when compared to the original game maps. The final mutation script will need further revision by Valve to correct these minor issues.
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