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Small EMSystem Request
Not sure if this is the appropriate place or if the devs even check this forum anymore, but anyhow...

For a mutation/mod I've been working on I'd like to include an interactive menu... already have the basis for displaying a static/non-interactive one using the MOTD window with some modifications.

Currently the ability to make an interactive menu (with command buttons) is about one simple step away. I was just wondering if a special command handler could be implemented for the 'L4DButton' or just the plain 'Button' vgui control, such that a custom string could be used in the "command" field of the control that would forward the string from the client to the server as a command.

Could be implemented in 2 ways, a special keyword followed by a command string in the "command" field, or even simpler if a command string is unrecognized by the vgui handlers, just have it forward the string as a command to the server from the client who pressed the button.
Left 4 Dead 2 > Beta Feedback > Подробности темы