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Sgt Jesus 2013년 11월 24일 오후 4시 07분
Small EMSystem Request
Not sure if this is the appropriate place or if the devs even check this forum anymore, but anyhow...

For a mutation/mod I've been working on I'd like to include an interactive menu... already have the basis for displaying a static/non-interactive one using the MOTD window with some modifications.

Currently the ability to make an interactive menu (with command buttons) is about one simple step away. I was just wondering if a special command handler could be implemented for the 'L4DButton' or just the plain 'Button' vgui control, such that a custom string could be used in the "command" field of the control that would forward the string from the client to the server as a command.

Could be implemented in 2 ways, a special keyword followed by a command string in the "command" field, or even simpler if a command string is unrecognized by the vgui handlers, just have it forward the string as a command to the server from the client who pressed the button.
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