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Breakable window?
I currently have a prop_physics with movement disabled and the model models/props_windows/window_urban_sash_48_88_full.mdl

This gives me a window that breaks when I walk through it. That's good. However, if I shoot the frame once it's already broken, the frame turns into a few shards of wood and I'm left with a hole in the wall that is too clean to look good.

Is there a way to prevent the frame from breaking?
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AlwaysToast Jun 9, 2013 @ 10:20am 
You could put a prop_static of the broken sash: models/props_windows/window_urban_sash_48_88_full_frame.mdl

In the same place as the prop_physics (Which should be a prop_physics_multiplayer) of the unbroken window. That way even if the window is blown out, you still have the broken sash in place. It doesn’t look perfect before its shot because of the two models on top of one another. Sadly the sash that matches that window doesn’t have a dynamic setting.

Other solutions:
Find a window with both physics and dynamic enabled. Have the sash start disabled, give it a name. Have an output for the prop_physics_multiplayer of: On Break, sashname, enable. (Basically you won’t see it until the window is broken, so you don’t get the overlapping effect.)

Find a sash/window frame you like as a prop_static. Put glass inside by making the glass out of a func_breakable or func_breakable_surf.
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Date Posted: May 13, 2013 @ 12:58pm
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