#losingit 2013年4月17日下午2:33
military skins/models
hey guys i am a huge fan of zombies especialy zombies vs Soldiers after watching resident evil and the 28 weeks/months later films. iv looked everywere for military skins for l4d but cannot find any i really like, they all seem to just be retextured with a digital camoflage texture. my only problem with this is that during the time of the game the soldiers (that areinfected) are whering woodland BDU's and not digital uniforms, also a retexture doesnt do justice id like to see a full model vest, pouches, helmet and all. my question is can anyone make a mod so that the characters are all wearing BDU combat uiforms? characters faces can be the same if you want id just like to see some military models for this game to make it feel like were soldiers left behind trying to find our platoon. let me know if you can please, a suggested skin would be the world in conflict soldiers and you could even mix it up a bit by giving some helmets, or some PT caps, and some kneepads. hopefully we could get them done for both l4d1 and l4d2? but if nobody can do it thats cool too i understand just thought id throw a request out there. thanks a ton. sorry for the repost, i posteed this in the general discussions not realising this would belong in either modding or workshop.
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Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月7日下午4:19 
If you watched Resident Evil and want to play as soldiers maybe this mod is something for your http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=23891 . It replaces all survivors with Umbrella Security Service soldiers. I know it's not exactly what you requested, but I thought maybe you would like it. This also could be an interesting skin for you http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=14244 I know it's just a SWAT team and no soldiers, but there uniforms look all different if you don't like the,, clones" of the USS mod
#losingit 2013年5月9日下午3:41 
that is an awsome find, i was also looking for resident evil UBCS's ill have to try to download it, hopefully its on workshop, thanks for the find!! still looking for military models though if anybody knows XD but awsome find thanks, much apreciated!
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月9日下午3:49 
You're very welcome^^ But I don't know if this is on Workshop, too, although I suppose not :(
#losingit 2013年5月9日下午3:52 
lol i checked it isnt but instalation was easy it gives you a steam addon installer, which just adds it to your addons, pretty neat
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月9日下午3:57 
Oh that's nice^^ I just downloaded it and copy pasted it into the addon folder^^
#losingit 2013年5月9日下午3:58 
yeah if you use winzip and open it from there it gives you an installer lol
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月9日下午4:00 
Ahh, good to know. I used 7.zip to unzip it. Propably that's the reason why I didn't saw the installer.
#losingit 2013年5月9日下午4:02 
yeah lol now i have to look for some good quality redient evil maps for my hunk models XD
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月9日下午4:26 
XD I didn't try it by myself, but there's a campaign which is a copy of the Resident Evil Outbrake maps. It's also called Outbrake.
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