Killcount00 2013. okt. 31. @ du. 10:26
What mods are aloud in multiplayer?
Are skin mods for characters and guns, and sound mods aloud in multiplayer?
Do I have to turn off mods that arn't aloud in multiplayer, or will it do it automatically?
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Builder, Texas Man 2013. nov. 1. @ du. 3:05 
Most mods can be used in multiplayer, as almost all of them are client-side, however the server you're connecting to decides what can be used and what can't.

If a server is enforcing consistency (sv_consistency 1), any file of yours that doesn't match the server's flies will cause you to get kicked. This happens most with scripts and Infected mods.

If a server is enforcing purity (sv_pure 1), you simply won't see any mods and gameplay will be default. This does not matter what mods you have.
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Killcount00 2013. nov. 1. @ du. 3:09 
Okay, thanks.
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