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Has Valve given up on L4D1? Botched server subscription
So I just tried to install a L4D1 Linux server, only to discover that I can no longer do that.

HLDS Update Tool along with its old content servers seems to have gone into the "offline" mode for good. It just keeps saying "retrying connection in 30 sec" after every failed depot. As a result, of course, I end up without any server files.

SteamCMD does seem to do something, but here's where the responsible people derped or were just too lazy to bother. First off, AppID 510 is for Windows L4D1 servers only, so it gives a platform error. Fine. Through the CDR, I managed to dig up AppID 222840[steamdb.info], which does seem to stand for the SteamCMD version of the L4D server. However, anonymous has no subscription for it, neither does my own Steam account(which, of course, does have the base game on it).

So the question is: is this going to be fixed, or am I ought to start googling torrents with the Linux version of L4D server? I know you don't care for dead games, Valve, but have the decency to remove it from the Steam store then. Why sell a game when you can't even be bothered creating a working server depot for it? Sure single player is cool, but it gets boring quite fast.
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StarFish Mar 20, 2014 @ 1:18pm 
Hey did you get this sorted out? I'm having a very similar problem with steamCMD. App ID 510 returns invalid platform. :/
No, unfortunately.
StarFish Mar 20, 2014 @ 1:43pm 
Visor thanks for the quick reply. hlds is definitely dead. steamCMD won't even dl l4d2 linux dedicated. I guess the only way to do it is torrent the game or just host it on windows. That's a shame.
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