Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Krisk 2014年1月20日上午1:29
tweak weapon stats = ban?
A little bit curious. Because I downloaded a script for magnum yesterday. I was a bit curious, and opened it up with GCFSape. It had different clipsize, compared to regular magnum.

Can you eventually possible get VAC banned, for using such things, that alter the default weapons script?
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Ada Wong 2014年1月20日上午1:37 
Nope since it is client side so if you host only effects local and is ignored if someone else was host.
Krisk 2014年1月20日上午1:39 
What if its dedicated server you pick at the lobby and launch, instead of local?
Ada Wong 2014年1月20日下午12:13 
Then nothing will happen it was as if you was playing without the script in the first place.
SnakeFist 2014年1月20日下午12:32 
No it only affects you and you wont get banned regardless of the server. Since it is client side it wont effect nothing and only you can use it just like you only see your skins. Even if you host a local server no one else would use it but you cause its in your addons folder. The only way that everyone can use it is if the server has it installed in the folder its supossed to be in not the addons folder.
So to answer your question no you wont get banned and you can use it on any server official best dedicated or local.
最后由 SnakeFist 编辑于; 2014年1月20日下午12:33
Squishymishy 2014年1月20日下午8:13 
Some server groups such as DLR / evilmaniado autodetect and ban you for using pistol /bhop scripts to give you an advantage.

I think that client mods that edit core mechanics like this will result in either the above if you happen to land on a privately managed server or it will just tell you to remove the plugin or use it in singleplayer.

But not VAC banned.
最后由 Squishymishy 编辑于; 2014年1月20日下午8:15
Krisk 2014年1月22日上午6:15 
So if it only effects me, I can have a big advantage over other players, that just uses the default of that weapon?
最后由 Krisk 编辑于; 2014年1月22日上午6:16
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