Zerok117 Jan 15 @ 2:46pm
I tired to start my l4d2 and when i went to select louis i see the mod i had for him is gone. Does Anyone know where the resident evil Hunk skin for him is i can't even find it?
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Ada Wong Jan 15 @ 3:41pm 
If it was a workshop mod from steam and you sure you had check that you were subscribed. Maybe the person deleted their mod from the workshop if you can't located it anywhere.
Zerok117 Jan 15 @ 3:55pm 
If so why would that be the case ughh this is bugging me.
Fridge LargeMeat Jan 15 @ 8:16pm 
Both submitters of the Hunk Louis mod uploaded them without permission from the original authors. Hopefully they have been removed.
Zerok117 Jan 16 @ 4:42am 
Yeah well i tired to download the skin from l4d maps but its not even working.
Fridge LargeMeat Jan 16 @ 10:46am 
How did you try installing it?
Zerok117 Jan 16 @ 10:47am 
Not sure how to explain that really but im sure i did it wrong. If anyone can help explain it i would be greatful.
Fridge LargeMeat Jan 16 @ 11:40am 
It's simple, really. Download and extract the .vpk file, then copy/paste it to your Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons folder. That's it, the game should recognize the addon when next you start it up. Remember, never double-click to install any mod, it doesn't reliably work and may break your game.

If you're having trouble finding the addons folder, go to your library tab of Steam, right-click on Left 4 Dead 2, select Properties from the dropdown, choose the Local Files tab, and then hit Browse Local Files.
This should take you to the left 4 dead 2 folder, from which you can navigate to the left4dead2 folder and then to the addons folder.
Zerok117 Jan 16 @ 1:38pm 
I'll give it a shot.
Zerok117 Jan 16 @ 1:39pm 
I'll repost to see if it worked give me alittle i have to reinstall the game.
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