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Dark Light Jan 9, 2014 @ 11:21pm
Dynamic Nav?
Does anyone know if it is possible to create a dynamic nav, either a way to alter the nav via a script or for the nav to be generated on map load via a script? I have created a procedurally generated map, the map is completely different each time it loads. When I generate a nav and the map reloads the nav that was created for the old map is there and is no longer relevant.

So, how can I alter or generate a nav via a script?
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Rectus Jan 10, 2014 @ 4:28am 
If you can generate it, and reload the map, can't you make it reload with the same layout it used during generation? You can can store information across reloads by saving and loading data from disk with a vscript.

The nav mesh system isn't designed to be dynamically generated though, and the generation command isn't designed to make a fully working mesh, so you'll likely get a lot of problems with regenerating it.

The only change it's designed for is blocking and unblocking areas using func_nav_blocker. Depending on how simple your layout is, you could try setting up the nav mesh as a grid, and using nav blockers to block ares with geometry in them.
Fluttershy Jan 19, 2014 @ 5:20am 
I'd give you advice but I don't remember how... I made a custom NAV in the first map of the game, so I could jump from the windows to the end in seconds, but it was useless because the next day I come to my computer to mod it again, come to find out the computer was in eternal sleep (you know, dead). So I never really tried to anymore...
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