Dr. Pennysworth 27. Dez. 2013 um 18:00 Uhr
Need addon creation help
i would like to get into making textures for lfd2 and i have have no clure where to start! How do i create the final product after you have the vmt and vmf? How to i pack it properly. How do i get the game to realize theres a replacer. Do i need to name and set up the addons material and file structure the same as the origional?
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Gimmeh Jibbs! 29. Dez. 2013 um 23:12 Uhr 
1) Packing is handled by the vpk.exe, which should be found in you left 4 dead 2 > bin folder after you've installed the authoring tools. You cannot substitute vpk.exes from other games.

2) You'll need to create something called an addoninfo.txt, here's a quick tutorial on what all goes in that.

3) You will need to name everything and structure it exactly the same as the original file path.
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Dr. Pennysworth 30. Dez. 2013 um 16:57 Uhr 
Thank you very much !
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