2012347 2013. dec. 27. @ de. 2:50
cant use cheats
i have left 4 dead 1 and yesterday i bought l4d2 i played single player mode and tried to use cheats but every time i put sv_cheats 1 it doesn't do anythinge it stand still on sv_cheats 0
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2012347 2013. dec. 27. @ de. 2:55 
here is what i get

] sv_cheats 1
Can't use cheats now; please exit to main menu and start your own listen server with "map mapname" so that you could enable cheats.
Captain Caboose 2013. dec. 29. @ du. 11:09 
Single-player is on an anti-cheat local server. This means you can't noclip everywhere to get achievements.

In order to use cheats, you'll have to set up what is called a private listening server. To do this, you have to input a map for the developer console to load. If you just type "map", the console will come up with a dropdown menu of all of the commands that fit. map c1m1_apartments, for example, will start you on the first level of Dead Center. Most of the other campaigns are similarly named.
2012347 2013. dec. 30. @ de. 12:33 
thank you but i realy found playing without cheats is funnier
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