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λura 2013年12月23日 18時01分
Addon Editting
So I finally figured out how to use GCFScape and tried to edit an addon. This addon I worked with was meant to have Miku Hatsune replace Nick. I edited the files in it so that Miku would replace Rochelle instead. Unfortunately, when I test it out in a campaign, the console continuously spams a message telling me about survivors/survivor_producer.mdl. Can anyone tell me what exactly is wrong here and how I can possibly fix it?
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Stark Raven 2013年12月23日 20時27分 
1) Switching survivors requires some sort of hex editing, as I recall. There are tutorials on that floating around.
2) Rochelle's animations are different than Nick's. That makes things complicated. If you do manage to hex the skin onto Rochelle, the animations probably won't play properly. There should also be tutorials and help out there to fix that. Check the L4DMaps forums, or try the Dead 4 Mods group here on Steam.
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