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RICKR0lling 2014年4月2日 16時28分
How do I enable sv_cheats 1 while playing online with friends?
Is this even possible without a private server. My Brother, Cousin and I like to play add ons like helms deep and would like unlimited ammo and what not.
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Gimmeh Jibbs! 2014年4月2日 17時05分 
You need to admin the server. Short of installing/renting your own dedicated server, you can only activate sv_cheats on a local server.
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RICKR0lling 2014年4月5日 14時35分 
Sounds good I guess I have to try something out on gameservers or NFO
76 Trombones | trade.tf 2014年4月12日 13時25分 
Here's an idea.
If you usually host those kinds of games on a local server, try downloading Rayman's Admin System off the workshop. Your other fellas don't need to download it in order for it to work, as it is loaded in with the server.
The admin mod allows for countless fun things and virtually anything that sv_cheats can do including infinite ammo and even fort building, but here's the best part: it doesn't activate sv_cheats!
This means you can still get achievements and stat progress while you mess around :) Hope this helps!
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