Kev Dee (Fallout 4 GOTY) 5/mar/2014 às 15:11
The Worlds End Gore mod help needed
I'm making a gore mod that replaces infected blood with blue ink like the blanks from the movie The Worlds End but I'm running in to a few issues.
I have quite a few of the blood textures changed but there are still some blood textures that I can't find, for example when I shoot the infected and their body gets damaged the insides of the infected are blue and so are the gibs, but the bloody that appears around the area is still red, as well as certain splatter effects for when the infected are shot.

I can upload the material files I've replaced if you're willing to help me and we can go from there. I jsut need assistance finding and replacing all the blood textures (Blood stains I'm not too worried about)
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