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Problems with Creating Survivor Replacement Mods [With Blender]

In my searching of the internet I have found a lack of good tutorials and an even lower amount in relation to blender in terms of the creation of your own character replacment modification for Left 4 Dead 2. With these tutorials I have succesfully added and replaced a survivor's model in game, but that is the length of it. With this there are no animations whatsoever or even a texture (leaving it as the default missing texture), which leaves the model to slide around in it's default pose.

Where I believe the animation problem to be would be in the stages of resizing the new model and re-posing the old survivor model's rig to accomodate that of the new model. My reason for this being that every tutorial would move on at this point leaving me with a character mesh which would not move with the rig, I assume that this is not meant to be so becuase the original survivor model would have had it working in such a way to begin with and the goal being to recreate that but with a new mesh and altered pose. Admittedly, I am still quite new to blender, and have looked up on how to rig models, but nothing I find works in terms of rigging the survivor skeleton to the new model.

I am still unsure about the matter surrounding the texture problem, it may just be that I have made an error during the proccess and cannot find it because it is either too well masked or just so blatant that I would have missed it. Either that or the tutorials are to outdated or even flawed, in their own way.

Any help to resolve this matter would be much appreciated, as this is all for learning of course.

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Rectus 11 Fev, 2014 às 0:35 
There is an article in the dev wiki that describes how to rig the model. You'll likely want to use the Weight Mapping method.

The Blender exporter uses the names of the materials you've set in the Materials tab for the mesh, which are used together with $cdmaterials "models\path_to_material" in the qc file to determine where to find your material. Make sure it matches where you have put your .vmt
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