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CafeMan Feb 7, 2014 @ 5:34pm
Requesting a mod (Pennywise the Dancing Clown as...)
I love the hell out of the mods this game has and all the wonderful things I have found. One of my favorites is the Slender Smoker mod. Combine that with the soundpack, and oh god he's scary.

But I would LOVE for a mod that makes the Witch look like Pennywise the Dancing clown from Stephen Kings IT, and a mod that would add a soundpack.

Just imagine instead of crying. When It's startled he snarls and shouts "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!!" as his theme plays.

That would be THE scariest witch mod out there. You cannot tell me it wouldn't be awesome.

If not the witch, then perhaps a mod that makes the Uncommon clown infected look like him. It would add a new spin to the Dark Carnival campain. Just imagine that ontop of another mod that changed some of the carnival music to Pennywise's theme.

Anyway that's my request. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Happy Zombie huntin.
Date Posted: Feb 7, 2014 @ 5:34pm
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