Arthos 2014年2月6日下午6:00
How do weapon mods work in left 4 dead 2?
Are they only available in singleplayer?
Or can I use them online if say the other players have the mod?
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Squishymishy 2014年2月6日下午6:27 
Skins you can use in any dedicated server that supports mods.
But mods that change clip size or weapon characteristics well get refused from multiplayer games as far as I am aware.
Arthos 2014年2月7日上午8:49 
Ah okay so im guessing the weapon mods are only available to use in singleplayer?
Squishymishy 2014年2月7日上午9:08 
Arthos 2014年2月7日下午12:30 
Thanks alot man
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