A-K-A-Czorek Jun 19 @ 6:04am
Can you tell me how make a campaign/survival? I dont understand and cant stand valve's tutorials, they have written too difficult. Thanks for help
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TheMasterBlaster™ Jun 19 @ 6:38am 
The process is difficult, I explained that to you before. Creating multiple threads about this will not make the process easier for you. The Valve tutorials are not written too difficult to understand. The process is difficult. You want a simple solution and there is not one. It takes work. There is no lazy solution.
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A-K-A-Czorek Jun 20 @ 11:26am 
(MOB) 85.07: MOB SPAWN ERROR: ANYWHERE = Empty spawn area set

i have this error. I have made a nav's via game, but i have this problem and cant FIND IT IN GOOGLE AND IN VALVE"S TUTORIALS
I want to make a survival map
I'm trying to make a survival map, i have made a battlefield's and finale nav's and still map is unplayable, how to make this ♥♥♥♥ing map?
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