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Kagagiou Jul 12, 2014 @ 1:19pm
Mod suggestion thoughts...
I'm fairly new here and if I was good at Modding, I would make these myself, BUT, if I might drop a few ideas, where anyone can add as well, might inspire some to test their skills out or what not. Again, just random ideas.

Bill Mods: The Sacrificial pack (aka: any character that 'sacrficed themselves for the greater good'... Aeris / Aerith Gainsborogh from Final Fantasy 7 -characters like that-)
Ellis mods: Too cool for school pack (Since we already have a Dante, it'll be the same idea, Vincent Valentine from FF7 applies here, or any anti-hero type: Red Hood from DC. Or things of that nature.)

Louis Mod: The Enough is Enough pack. In an attempt to give him some more options (aka: Blade or that sort... though I'm sure trench coats and capes might be problematic.)

Hunter Mod: Why not Venom or Carnage from Marvel's Spiderman series. At least Carnage, it fits the idea.

Jockey Mod: Cham-Cham from Samurai Showdown / spirits could work here. Something just for SNGs.

Smoker Mod: I've seen Slenderman and then Mortal Kombat characters, so I have to ask, Why not Scorpion here? He's got the harpoon, he throws it out, when he dies, it's the smoke left from him teleporting... just a random thought here. And if he gets someone, could add "GET OVER HERE" for sound before the music starts for that survivor.

Spitter Mod: On that same thought.... Reptile with no mask could work here. The textures would be fairly close at least. And wouldn't need too much for audio at all.

Tank Mod: Juggernaut spoof. He's got enough quotes to play with, though not sure if the audio would work, but could make a look for the guy since he was oversized and muscular.

Of course, League of Legends, DoTA 2, World of Warcraft, or any other 'popular game' can be added for fun and such too. Was just throwing out some baseline ideas.
Date Posted: Jul 12, 2014 @ 1:19pm
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