HarryBo 2012年10月30日下午3:09
looking for an uncut game
Anybody has an uncut L4D2 for me: I can gift you abnother game give you via paypal the money.
I´m sure over 50. so im not kidding
最后由 HarryBo 编辑于; 2012年10月30日下午3:11
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Lev 2012年10月31日下午2:07 
what do u mean with uncut?if i buy it here(europe ,italy) and i trade to u is still uncut?
WurstOhneFurcht 2012年10月31日下午3:00 
Don't know for sure but I would guess so. In Europe Germany is the only country it's cut or?
Hate this country. I'm 26 years old and think I can choose myself how much blood I want in my games but we don't even get a choice here.
At work everybody was so hyped to play L4D2 and Killing Floor via co op.
I'm glad I found out that those 2 games are cut before I bought all the acc for everybody with paypal.
So if anybody has some spare uncut keys for one of the two games I would love to buy them.
最后由 WurstOhneFurcht 编辑于; 2012年10月31日下午3:00
Lev 2012年10月31日下午3:01 
in italy is all good
HarryBo 2012年10月31日下午3:16 
Greetings to Italy. I´m sorry about Steam German cut Games ...so long
最后由 HarryBo 编辑于; 2012年10月31日下午3:16
MANA 2012年10月31日下午7:04 
Also cut here in Australia...download left4uncut from here works well and you can still play on the steam servers.
WurstOhneFurcht 2012年10月31日下午10:01 
Promo-Z 2013年9月27日上午9:41 
Google Left4Gore 2.3 Enjoy :)
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