guenfun 2013年9月18日下午9:35
will trade something for L4D2 or 90% coupon.... check my badges to see what cards i have
send me trades or post em.
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MeinSteiNLαGeR™©® 2013年9月20日上午3:02 can we see what ya have when your profile is private Einstein?
guenfun 2013年9月20日下午4:05 
you should be able to see my's set to be avaliable to al steam users
barbarossa1 2013年9月20日下午6:32 
no one can see your inventory when your profile is private, schweinhund
guenfun 2013年9月20日下午7:16 
it's not....i changed the settings. ♥♥♥♥. it says you should be able to see it
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