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Stoney Baloney 2013年7月26日 6時13分
Looking for Expert Campaign Group
450+ hours between both games. Looking for people who actually use a mic, don't heal every time they hit 39 health and don't fire grenade launchers at individual commons. Hit me up.
最近の変更はStoney Baloneyが行いました; 2013年7月26日 7時44分
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Miggity 2013年7月27日 17時35分 
Me and buddy have been looking for 2 more to run expert campaigns, we both have over 230+ hours, mics, etc. you can join us if you're interested.
Slevin 2013年7月29日 6時22分 
i play all night with my friend in expert realism i have 1600 h in game do not hesitate too add me
i hope see you at our next game session
Maiker 2013年8月1日 7時42分 
I guess I would be interested ;) But the thing is - I'm from Poland and therefore I'm afraid that the ping may be more deadly than the zombies :P
1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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