Sierra - Kilo 2013年2月3日上午8:20
New group of Campaigner's
I am looking for a group of people who will go through a campaign start to finish and if we find a new campaign on we will download and play. =D
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No u 2013年4月3日下午10:58 
Im in , butonly at early morning like 06:00 ( Tunisia time )
Sierra - Kilo 2013年4月5日下午2:11 
Im sorry but I will not be able to be able to get on that early.
Maiker 2013年4月8日下午1:57 
You can add me if you like :) Always eager to meet new players. So, if you're not a ♥♥♥♥♥♥, we could kill some zombies together :)
Sierra - Kilo 2013年4月9日下午12:10 
Sure but whats with the hearts? :P
Restless 2013年4月10日上午11:10 
hearts = profanity filter

If you attempt to quote their post you can reveal what the word is.
Maiker 2013年4月10日下午11:44 
Exactly - hearts indicate Steam's consorship. Big Brother is watching at all times :)
Magus Cimarron 2013年4月14日下午9:21 
Add me! I am always looking for co-op play! :)
☺Will Longstaff the Beelzebub 2013年4月20日上午7:33 
I'm with you.
Sierra - Kilo 2013年4月20日下午8:09 
SURE! Im srry i havnt been on in a while. :P
d-^^eathstare> 2013年5月2日下午12:21 
coop? sure. expert level? excellent!
well add me when you're a level headed person. otherwise, no.
Adenru 2013年5月8日上午8:14 
I have a group of people, we play custom campaigns, however since we in Europe I doubt you'll be able to play with us. Anyone who will to play custom campaigns add me.
Shrapnel 2013年5月18日上午12:37 
Im located in belgium and ive been looking to a group of players to play custom campains with,
I already have:
I hate mountains
Dead before dawn
back to school
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