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گkﻻ Jan 17, 2013 @ 5:48pm
Skyrpg2 - Update: - v1.5.2 1/20/2013
The server hosting the latest private release of this plugin can be found here:

This server allows players to vote for different gametypes with the !gametypevote command. Votes can be called to switch to coop, versus, and survival.

The version 1.5.1 update of the 3-part patch has been released. See the comment section for details on the changes.

You can join the newly formed steamgroup @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/skyrpg

Hi everyone,

I've written a massive RPG mod for Left 4 Dead 2 called Skyrpg 2, which essentially takes the game and adds an RPG experience on top of it. It takes several of the elements that already exists and allows players to flesh them out, while creating new elements.

How you choose to flesh out your character is completely up to you, and should you decide you don't want to run with that set up anymore, you can simply respec all of your talent points and assign them, again.

To add to the challenge, I've written additional code to allow the AI Director to fully utilize the RPG, by leveling up in a "collective" manner. Based on how stressed out the Director is, and based on how well or poorly players are doing, the Director will make more aggressive or passive purchases, and change which abilities it uses.

Speaking of abilities, to lessen the learning curve that is generally associated with RPG Mods, every-single-talent is a passive talent. This means that you put your talent points into a category, and all you have to do is play the game, and the talents will trigger automatically; Or continually, if they're always-on-passives.

When you reach the max level, you can choose to prestige, much in the same way that you would in Call of Duty. You drop back to level 1, your sky level goes up by 1, and every time you level up, you earn additional talent points as a bonus, based on your current sky level. You also unlock a category called "Passive Abilities" the first time you prestige, and it unlocks additional passive slots with each prestige beyond that.

To prevent players from stacking all of their talents into a single category, the amount of talents that can be placed in one category at any time is equal to your current level. Rest assured, when you level up a few times, you'll notice that you don't have enough talent points to fill up every single category, so spend them wisely!

The damage bonus and penalty values are per talent in the category. When you shoot a special infected, it calculates all of your bonuses, and then subtracts the penalty from that total if your level is greater than your targets level, in order to push some balance into the game.

3% Damage Bonus, 2% Damage Penalty, per talent in weapons categories.
The survivor ammo talents are triggered based on a per-chance per-shot, calculated against the Special Ammo Chance talent.
Adrenaline Rage is rolled against the Special Ammo Chance calculation as well, but only if the player lands a critical strike, so you can see how several talents rely on each other.


!rpg -> Opens the rpg menu
!heal -> Attempts to buy an instant heal (this will self-revive players who are incapacitated)
!incap -> Attempts to buy incap protection. (this will fully heal and self-revive players when they become incapacitated. Has 3 charges, and costs 2.5x what a !heal costs (so it's cheaper))
!trails -> Sets weapon trails. This must still be enabled in a users settings control panel in the skyrpg menu. To set red trails on rifle: !trails rifle 255 0 0 255
!colour -> Sets player skin colours. enter the classname for infected, or survivor for survivor. !colour survivor 255 0 0 sets red skin colour as a survivor.
!title -> Lets players set a custom title. (Team Name) (Title) Name: Text (Remember, for this to work, Custom chat colours must also be enabled in your skyrpg settings menu)

Keep in mind that heal and incap protection won't trigger if the player is ensnared, but incap protection will trigger as soon as the player is released.

Survivor Talents:

1. Handgun
2. SMG
3. Rifle
4. Shotgun
5. Sniper
6. Melee (Chainsaw Only, Other Melee weapons do NO damage)
- The above talents increase your damage by 3% per talent point, and have a penalty of 2% per talent point (per level above the infected player you attack) for the category you assign your talents to. Here is the algorithm for how damage is calculated:
if (yourLevel > victimLevel) levelDifference = yourLevel - victimLevel
else levelDifference = 0

damage *= (1.0 + ((weaponCategoryTalents * 3%) - (levelDifference * 2%)))

This means that you will still do a bonus to a player who is MUCH lower level to you, but not a lot. Also, as long as you are attacking a player who is your level or higher, you receive no penalty and deal full damage. This is designed to balance the game when playing against veteran players (who are generally higher level). Keep in mind sky level is not calculated into this equation.

7. Survivor Health
- For each talent point in survivor health, your maximum health is increased by 1.

8. Jump Height
- This talent lets you jump slightly higher. Hold your jump key when jumping to use this ability, or simply release when you'd like to stop climbing height. (so jumping and immediately letting the key go will jump normally)

9. Bloat Ammo Effect
- How heavy a player struct by bloat ammo becomes. Increases said players gravity, preventing jumping, pouncing, etc.

10. Bloat Ammo Time
- How long an infected player affected by bloat ammo remains under its effect.

11. Bean Bag Ammo
- Bean bag ammo sends the affected player flying in a random direction. How powerful the fling is depends on the talents assigned.

12. Ice Ammo Strength
- This talent determines how slow a player moves while affected by ice ammo.

13. Ice Ammo Time
- This talent determines how long a player remains affected by ice ammo.

14. Zero-Gravity Ammo Time
- This talent determines how long a player remains suspended in the air when hit with zero-g ammo. Players affected by this ammo are flung straight up in the air.

15. Explosive Ammo
- Talents in Explosive ammo determine how much damage the ability does. You'll hear explosion audio when it triggers. Only affects special infected.

16. Special Ammo Chance
- Talents determine the chance of each ammo type triggering for each successful damaging attack on special infected. Special ammo chance is rolled once for each ammo type, so it's possible to have 0 trigger, 1 trigger, or all of them trigger.

17. Critical Hit Chance
- Increases your chance of landing a critical strike when attacking special infected. Successful critical strikes deal 1.5x normal damage.

18. Damage Absorption Chance
- The chance that a survivor player will take no damage from an incoming attack.

19. Adrenaline Rage Time
- If adrenaline rage activates, how long the survivor player has the adrenaline effect.

20. Adrenaline Rage Cooldown
- How long a survivor player must wait between adrenaline rage being able to trigger.
Adrenaline rage rolls on the special ammo chance, but only rolls when the player lands a critical strike. so:
if (criticalStrike && specialAmmoTrigger && !adrenalineRageCooldown) AdrenalineRage occurs.

21. Survivor Junky
- Popping pills has a chance to double your damage dealt (and experience / cash earned) for 15 seconds. Your chance is equal to the value in the talent screen.
* You have a chance equal to half of the trigger chance, rounded up, to become addicted to drugs, if the ability triggers.
* The chance is lowered to 25%, rounded up, if you are using the Luck Chance passive.

If a player becomes addicted to drugs, a timer will appear on screen, counting down. If the timer reaches 0, the player dies, and cannot be returned to life either from rescue closets or through respawn purchases. To reset the timer, simply pop pills. The player will no longer receive damage bonuses from pills AFTER becoming addicted. This means that pills popped prior to the addiction triggering will still provide the damage bonus.

22. Lead Bullet
- Bolt-Action sniper rifles have a chance to instantly kill non-tank special infected. Like Superman and Kryptonite, Infected Resistances can't negate the effects of a lead bullet.

23. Bile Backfire
- When you kill a boomer, you have a chance for their explosion to bile special infected who are nearby as well, instead of just fellow survivors. This ability cannot be negated by Infected Resistance.

24. Universe Pull
- Players have a chance to teleport unsuspecting Infected players to their location upon damaging them. The Infected player must be outside a certain diameter in order to be affected.

25. Blind Ammo
- This has the same effect as Blinding Bile. Its chance of trigger is based on your Special Ammo Chance, as is with the other special ammo types.

26. Cloaking
- If you take damage whilst not ensnared, you have a chance to cloak. Cloaked survivors lose their glow, and become 100% invisible. The invisibility lasts for 3 seconds, and the ability can only trigger once every 4.5 seconds.

26. Kickback
- Hurting an Infected player has a chance to heal you for a percentage of the damage dealt. This ability can only trigger once every 4.5 seconds, and is split into two talent options: Kickback chance, Kickback amount (the percentage of damage converted to health).

27. Reusable Meds
- Your medkits now contain "meds" and are used when healing another player (or yourself) at a 1:1 ratio. If after a successful heal there are meds remaining, you don't lose your medkit. The amount of meds are determined by talent points and this applies to both medkits you find or buy.

Infected Talents:

1. Infected Health
2. Hunter Health
3. Smoker Health
4. Boomer Health
5. Jockey Health
6. Spitter Health
7. Charger Health
8. Tank Health
- The above talents increase health for infected classes. Infected Health applies to all classes, while the others apply to their specific class.

9. Infected Speed
- Increases movement speed of all of the players special infected based on the number of talent points in the category.

10. Tank Ghost Spawn Chance
- Upon entering ghost mode, the chance the player will be a Tank.

11. Vampire Chance
- The chance that the player will heal themselves when dealing damage to a survivor.

12. Kamikazi Boomer
- The chance that the player will explode if shoved by a survivor. Only works if the player is a boomer. If the player explodes on nearby survivors and has the Bile Explosion Bomb ability, the survivors affected will take additional damage.

13. Hunter Stalker
- Determines how much invisibility the player has as a hunter.

14. Hunter Chameleon
- Determines how much invisibility survivors pounced by the player have. This effect is removed when the pounce ends.

15. Smoker Whip
- Determines how powerful the smoker whip ability is.
To trigger smoker whip, the survivor player smoked must be elevated above the smoker. Rapidly press your primary attack key to whip the survivor around. The player can take fall damage, or even be thrown off of buildings.

16. Boomer Blind
- Determines how much visibility survivors covered in bile lose for the duration of being biled. This effect darkens their screens, making it more difficult to see.

17. Boomer Slow
- Determines how much movement speed survivor players lose for the duration of being biled. This ability does not stack with other slowing abilities.

18. Jockey Berserk
- Determines the chance of instant killing the survivor the jockey player is riding if the ride causes the player to become incapacitated.

19. Jockey Jump
- Determines how high the jockey can jump while riding a survivor. There's no cooldown for jumping, and is done by repeatedly pressing your jump key.

20. Spitter Invisibility
- After spitting, determines how long the spitter player remains invisible. This ability does not grant invulnerability and players can still see the spitter by shining their flashlight at them.

21. Spitter Slow
- Determines how much movement speed survivor players lose if they are hurt by the players spit. This effect does not stack with other slowing abilities.

22. Charging Speed
- When charging, determines how fast the charger moves.

23. Charger Jump
- While charging (whether carrying a survivor or not) determines how high the player can jump. To jump, repeatedly press your jump key as normal.

24. Wall Of Fire
- Determines the chance of the infected player dropping a river of flames on their corpse when they die.

25. Spawn Anywhere
- Determines the chance of the infected player being able to spawn wherever they want upon entering ghost mode. If this ability triggers, it practically means you can spawn even if survivors can see you, even if you're right on top of them. Great for ninja boomers/tanks, etc.

26. Tank Ice Chance
- Determines the chance of the tank player causing the ice ammo effect on a survivor each time they are struck by the tank. Survivors affected turn blue for the duration.

27. Tank Earthquake Chance
- Determines the chance of the tank player dealing an earthquake attack each time they land a successful attack on a survivor. The earthquake is an area of effect ability and affects all survivors nearby for a low amount of damage. See Blowback ultimate ability for more information.

28. Infectious Scratch (Spitters)
- Determines the chance of the spitter infecting a survivor when they scratch them. Infected players occasionally drop spitter goo at their feet.

29. Spitter Infection Time
- Determines how long a survivor player affected by Infectious Scratch remains affected by it.

30. Spitter Infection Cooldown
- Determines how much of a delay there is between the affected survivor player being able to drop spitter goo.

31. Infected Damage Bonus
- Determines how much of a damage bonus special infected players do to survivors.

32. Infected Resistance against Survivor Special Ammo
- Determines the chance of negating a survivor players special ammo when the player is hurt by a survivor. Since each special ammo type rolls individually when the infected player is hurt, this ability rolls against each special ammo roll. As a result, there's a chance to negate 0, 1, or all special ammo rolls.

33. Ultimate Ability Trigger Chance
- Determines the chance that the ultimate abilities (below) will trigger.

34. Paralyzing Scratch (Spitter)
- Determines how long survivors affected by paralyzing scratch are unable to move, shoot, etc.

35. Head Trauma (Jockey)
- Determines how much of a damage bonus (on top of infected damage bonus) the jockey player can do while riding. It starts at 0%, and climbs 1% each successful attack during the ride, until it reaches the maximum value of the players ability in this category.

36. Strong Arm (Charger)
- Determines how much damage the survivor player takes in addition when the charger player melees the survivor. In addition to the extra damage, Strong Arm throws the survivor player up into the air.

37. Human Shield (Smoker)
- Determines how long the smoker player is immune to all damage after smoking a player. The effect ends when the player is released from the smoker or the time of the invulnerability expires; Whichever of the two occurs first.

38. Bile Bomb (Boomer)
- Determines the amount of damage survivor players biled as a result of the explosion take.

39. Blowback (Tank)
- Determines how long survivors players are lifted into the air if the ultimate ability chance triggers at the same time as Earthquake triggering. The players affected by Earthquake are lifted (so this ability simply complements Earthquake.)

40. Deadly Charge
- While carrying a survivor, you have a chance to break the legs of any survivor who gets in your way.
* Survivors whose legs are broken move at 30% speed, cannot use gravity jump or sprint, and must use adrenaline to cure their broken legs.

41. Unstable Genetics
- When you hurt a survivor, you have a chance to teleport to another survivor player. This ability may seem worthless at first, but it can be extremely detrimental to survivor players, especially if their vision is clouded or if the ability repeatedly triggers.

42. Corrosive Vomit
- When you bile a survivor, you have a chance to cause them to also drop spit on themselves. This does not trigger if you explode on survivors (see passive below for more.)

43. Heavy Spit
- When a survivor is hurt by your spit, there's a chance to make them extremely heavy and unable to jump. This effect is removed when they take damage from something other than your spit.

Survivor Passives:

1. Laser Sights
- Applies laser sights to all weapons the player purchases from their weapon locker (includes free weapons)
- Laser sights now do period damage to Infected players that are close to you, if you're pointing your laser sight at them. This only applies to players with the laser sight passive.

2. Unlimited Clip
- The survivor player never has to reload their weapon ever again. This also applies to the m60, but does not apply to the chainsaw.

3. Healing Aura
- This ability heals the survivor player and their nearby allies for a small amount at somewhat short intervals. The ability does not heal incapacitated players, or if the survivor player with the ability is incapacitated or ensnared. Stacks with other players healing auras.

4. Sprint
- Increases the survivor players movement speed by 50% while sprinting. Players must hold their use key.

5. No Shove Penalty
- Survivor players no longer have a cooldown when spamming their shove key, and can shove indefinitely like in classic l4d1.

6. Pipebomb Flashbang
- Infected players who are within the vicinity of a pipebomb explosion have their screens go 100% white and cannot see anything for 5 seconds.

7. Rescuer Down Under
- When ensnared, every time you take damage from the Infected player who ensnared you, you have a chance to fight back and immediately free yourself.

8. Scout
- If you use this passive, you'll see the last target you hurts' name, health, and max health displayed on the bottom center of your screen. If the target dies and no new target is selected, the display goes away.
Note: If you have selected to display experience in the bottom center, this ability forces it to the top-center of your screen, but you still have the option to disable experience display completely, if you wish to.

9. Ghost Detection
- You'll now see the location of ghost Infected players by means of a blue circle at their location, periodically. This will not show Infected players who are using the Stealth Tool passive.

Infected Passives:

1. Infected Regen
- Similar to the healing aura, except the Infected player heals a certain amount per second based on the number of survivor players nearby. It isn't enough to negate the effects of survivors attacking, but negates some.

2. Advanced Vampire Leech
- Vampire Leech normally heals the infected player for a minute amount. However, with this passive active, it instead heals the infected player for half of the damage caused when the ability triggers.

3. Stalker Tank
- If the infected player is a tank, the player is 100% invisible at ALL times. However, when the player lands a successful attack on a survivor, they briefly lose their invisibility. Keep in mind survivor players can still see where the tank player is by shining their flashlight at their location (which is why they lose invisibility for a very short period if they hurt a survivor.)

4. Flammable Fluids
- When the Infected player dies, a flame is created for a few seconds on their corpse, dealing massive damage to survivor players that pass through it.

5. Fire Immunity
- Infected players are immune to fire. If lit, they are extinguished immediately. This is a great combo passive with Combustible.

6. Infected Revenge
- Infected players have a chance to explode when dying, dealing massive damage to survivors caught in the blast radius. The passive triggers the explosion audio if the passive triggers.

7. Combustible
- Infected players hurt by survivors have a small chance to create a flame on the location of the survivor. However, combustible causes the infected player to be lit on fire when they spawn, but the Fire Immunity passive can negate this side effect. Flames created by combustible last a short amount of time, and do not immediately deal damage, allowing agile survivors a very short amount of time to move out of the flame.

8. Infectious Disease
- This passive compliments the Spitter Ultimate ability, Infectious Scratch. When the Infectious Scratch effect ends on a survivor, this passive gives the survivor player a chance to pass the disease on to nearby (and unfortunate) survivor teammates.

9. Absorption Conversion
- This passive takes the survivor talent Absorption Chance and rolls it each time the infected player takes damage as well. However, if the roll is successful, instead of negating the effects of the incoming damage, it adds the damage amount to the infected players health.

10. Infected Healing Aura
- It's essentially the Survivor Healing Aura, for the Infected, but ticks at a much faster rate. Tanks are not affected by Infected Healing Aura. This passive stacks with other Infected healing-based passives and talents.

11. Infectious Bile
- After you've earned your bile points on a player and the bile is about to wear off, there's a chance they'll spread your love to other survivors nearby. Infectious bile can only be spread from the patient zero player, which means players biled in this manner cannot spread it to more survivors.

12. Corrosive Explosion
- Corrosive Vomit can now occur even if you explode on survivors. The chance is still equal to the chance in your Corrosive Vomit talent.

13. Vampire Aura
- Health you receive from your vampire (or Advanced Vampire passive) talent will also heal nearby teammates.

14. Steel Tongue
- Your smoker tongue is now extremely resilient. It can still break, but it has a much, much higher health pool.

15. Stealth Tool
- This nifty passive will prevent you from showing up for any survivors using the Ghost Detection passive.

16. Spitter Shield
- If you use the Spitter Invisibility talent, you'll now become invulnerable for the duration of your invisibility.

Neutral Passives:

1. Luck Chance
- Increases the players luck in several ways.
No, I'm not going to leave it there like adventure games (such as the Quest For Glory games do) so here's a run down:
It increases the chance of Combustible occuring by a high amount. It also increases a few other abilities, as well as doubling your chance of having an item drop from a special infected, and raising the chance of it occuring by 33% if the special infected you killed was a tank. For the item chance to be raised, the player who lands the KILLING BLOW must have this passive.

2. Critical Strike Chance
- It increases the chance of critical strikes by an additional 5% (must have at least 1 talent point in the category for this bonus to be applied.)

As is typical in an RPG, your goal is to earn experience, so you can level up, which you are then awarded additional talent points, so you can boost the strength of your talents, and crush your opposition.
However, your experience is also your currency, since you can buy things like Jimmy Gibbs drops, Riot drops, explosions, respawns (if you die as a survivor) and self-revive protection, among other abilities.
Infected players also have the ability to shape-shift.
This means, you can pounce someone, and if it so pleases you, you can then buy a class change, and turn into the class of your choice. I personally enjoy pouncing a player in a group of players, changing my class to boomer, and letting them blow me up. Afraid they might just shove you off? Put points into kamikazi boomer; It gives you a chance to explode if a survivor shoves you.

You may feel from reading this that the survivors have absolutely no chance to win, or you may feel that the survivors are extremely overpowered, what with the ability to buy protection against incapacitation. However, they can't make these purchases if they're ensnared, and every time you buy a class change, you receive your health bonuses, making it difficult for a lone survivor to take you down, and resulting in a higher need for team work.

To top it off, your character data is permanently saved in an sql database, so the hard work and time you put in never goes to waste. You can leave at any point, and return later, and continue exactly where you left off.
The mod also rewards players for their commitments and awards special credits that players can use in the in-game store, so you can unlock special goodies.

*** Some General Information ***

Experience is earned through damage dealt. The more health your target has, the more experience they are generally worth. This means that tanks are worth a lot more experience (usually).
Whenever an Infected player dies, the Infected player earns experience for damage dealt to each survivor player, and each survivor earns experience for the damage they dealt to that Infected player. Experience earned through damage dealt is the only form of delayed experience earning. When a survivor kills common or uncommon infected, the experience is awarded immediately. In our server, you earn 5 experience for a common kill, 10 if you kill it with a headshot, 10 for an uncommon kill, and 15 for an uncommon headshot.

When you level up, your experience is wiped. This means that you will be vulnerable, temporarily, as you will be unable to make purchases until you've earned more experience. So, it's generally a good idea to make last minute purchases right before you level up. Don't forget, when you level up, you earn more talent points, so you can put points into those categories that you love!

Don't forget about quests, either! No RPG would be complete without them! There are daily quests, which reset every morning at 12am eastern, and weekly quests, which reset every Sunday morning at 12am eastern. Completing the quests will award you a set number of sky points, as well as experience.

I won't lie, it's a lot to take in, and it takes some time to learn it, but once you've learned it, you'll fall in love with it. I've taken ideas, and mixed them with my own silly ones, and created a truly balanced rpg system for this wonderful game. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope that you'll enjoy playing it. If you have an idea that you'd like to see implemented, I implore you to please comment here, or add me on steam to tell me about your ideas.

You can self-revive yourself, instantly, by saying !heal into the chat box. The cost is 50 experience, and this works one time.
You can buy protection against incapacitations, by saying !incap into the chat box. The cost is 125 experience, and this instantly self-revives you 3 times.
For self-revives to trigger, you cannot be ensnared. However, you can buy them at any time. Ensnared means being pounced, smoked, jockeyed, or charged.
If you die, you can open up the rpg menu and buy a respawn. Each survivor may purchase one respawn per round. To do this, say !rpg in chat to open the menu, select Survivor Purchases, then Health Purchases, and finally Respawn. It will put you in a queue. If the round ends before the queue reaches 0, the experience you paid towards the respawn will be refunded to you.

You can change your class while in ghost mode. To do this, just press your ALTERNATE FIRE key. This is generally mouse2, or whichever key is bound to +attack2.
You can also change your class (but it will cost 20 experience each time) when you're alive and not in ghost, by saying !class <classname> (such as !class charger, excluding tanks) into the chat box, or by selecting it through the rpg menu. To open the menu page, say !rpg , select Infected Purchases (option 2) and then Option 1 (Buy Infected Class Change)

I've seen players whip out some devastating combos. Several popular ones are:
Pounce (as hunter) -> Shapeshift into Boomer (Bile survivors) and sit there until they kill you.
Pounce (as hunter) -> Shapeshift into Spitter (Spit on the survivor) -> Shapeshift into Boomer (Bile survivors) and sit there.
I've also seen players who, when shoved off, purchase a charger, and attempt to charge their targets.

Another great combination is smoking a player to a ledge, changing into a charger, and charging them off.

It's pretty much limitless on what you can do.

If you'd be interested in trying it, you can click here to connect to the server. It currently runs 10vs10: steam://connect/l4dtest.game.nfoservers.com:27015

You can view the custom MOTD that explains several of the commands and key features here: http://l4dtest.site.nfoservers.com/motd/rpg_motd.jpg

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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گkﻻ Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:00pm 
The much-anticipated v1.5 branch of Sky rpg 2 has finally been released... The first part, anyway. This patch is so large that I've had to break it down into three separate releases.

I've received so much feedback from players on the server that we've made several heavy game play changes in order to better balance the experience for high level - low level, and all player levels in between, as well as for both the Survivor and Infected teams.

Survivor Team Cash:
When you earn cash as a Survivor, a fraction of what you earn is placed into a team pool that is shared with all survivors. To use cash in this pool, you only need 30% of the cash required to make the purchase. It uses team cash to make up the difference, assuming there's enough cash in the team pool.
Team cash is displayed in parenthesis, next to your cash, and team cash is only earned for killing special infected.

The Nemesis Award:
If you're killed by a special infected player, they become your nemesis. It'll show who your nemesis is on your main rpg menu, as well as the experience value killing them will reward you. When it's your turn to be infected, simply kill your nemesis to collect the prize.
When a player kills their nemesis, they do not become their nemesis' nemesis, in order to prevent a never-ending cycle.
A players Nemesis value is directly based upon their current sky level + player level.

Survivor Increment Purchase Cost:
As a survivor, health-based item purchases have a minimum purchase cost. They also have a percentage of cash purchase cost, which means that if a certain percentage of your total cost is greater than the minimum purchase cost, it costs the percentage instead. However, this created problems where survivors would be able to spam health-purchases and always pay the same minimum cost, making it very difficult for infected players to kill them.
The increment purchase system raises the minimum cost of an item in the specified category each time a purchase is made.
Infected costs don't increment, which means the longer it takes to traverse a map, the higher the likelihood that the survivors will meet their demise.

New Map Challenge: Healing
Players earn points towards the healing award for every kind of heal they do.
This covers all regen and healing aura passives, vampire leech (advanced vampire as well), and the use of the !heal command, as well as using medpacks on yourself or teammates.
Both the Infected and Survivor Teams compete for this record - the first challenge shared between both teams.

We've made some changes to the Infected and Survivor Teams as well:

Infected Team:
The jockey must ride the survivor for at least 5 seconds in order to qualify for the Berserker Rage ability to trigger.

Survivor Team:
Incap Protection:
Incap Protection will expend charges to protect the player against a jockeys Berserker Rage.

If you have feedback related to this update - or balancing/changes/features you would like to see in a future update, please leave a comment!
گkﻻ Jan 20, 2013 @ 10:57am 
The v1.5.2 patch has been released on the server.
This patch is an accompaniment to the 1.5.1 patch, which made several heavy (but balancing) gameplay changes. The Survivors were still a bit underpowered compared to the Infected, but these new talents should help to turn the table! If you're wondering why the Infected didn't receive new talents, it's because while there were new talents in the original design for the Infected, I felt I would be unable to properly balance them, and the Infected already have a great talent list. The idea is balance and crazy, not just crazy!

The new talents and passives can be found above in the original post, but I'm posting this to let everyone know the cosmetic changes and additions.

- Secret / Hidden Talents and Passives found in your talent/passive screens, as well as the Sky Store now show the actual name of the talent or passive. If it hasn't been unlocked, it'll simply say "- Locked" next to the item.

- Players can now buy 30 days of Preferred Time through the Sky Store for 100 Sky Points.
In case you're confused, or haven't played at the server before, the Sky Store is an in-game store, where you spend Sky Points on purchases. Sky Points are a currency earned entirely through playing on the server - they aren't paid for. You earn Sky Points for time invested on the server, as well as by finding them from item boxes which randomly drop from corpses.

Players with preferred status earn bonus experience each round, based on the current time of the day. Preferred status experience multipliers stack with the 3x multiplier that can be purchased in the Sky Store.
Preferred time does not include a reserve slot on the server.
Preferred time allows players to level beyond Sky Level 5, up to Sky Level 15.
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