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kuroineko666 10 січ 2013 о 21:21
Modded Server: Blood Of Berserk (fr)
Join our team for down in hell on our modded public french server "Blood Of Berserk".
Tick rate of this server: 30; Ping: 20-150(because 100 zombies rush)
on ths server is display:
-berserk mod
-kck in air mod
-sprint mod
-self help
-item loot drops
-infinte ammo with lasersight
-100 uncommon zombies and mor special infected was spawned
-and more other gameplay settings...
If u wan't to play join our steamgroupe "KuroiNeko666's server-L4D2-FR (KN666L4D2FR)". So u should see our server into your dedicated server list on your L4D2 game and join it.
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