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[EU - Versus] - Mature & Fun Nightly Games!

I myself, never play public game's due to amount of problems you can run into, such as lag, rage quits - things that spoil the fun.

I run a community who are based around L4D2, called .:MFC:. - We play nightly (if not more) L4D2 sessions without matchmaking, for fun only - often using a modified, more friendly "confogl" setting.

Who are we?

We are a group set up to play Left 4 Dead 2, and have done since its release. The amount of hours we all have collectively is simply madness. We play other games too, but Left 4 Dead 2 is a nightly affair, without fail.

We all have different skill levels, so if you are new or old, you are welcome. Playing with us as a new player is a certain way to get better at the game while having some fun! Serious fun!

We even have yearly meetups!

We are not a clan, you don't need to "join us" or "be active" or anything like that. Anyone on my friends list who has expressed an interest in playing gets a invite nightly to any game we setup - slots pending (as we can get full very quickly!)

We have server's and a Teamspeak for those interested.


You can PM me here, add me via my profile

or visit us at:

We can only allow over 18's to play with us though :( - Sorry!
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‎Smile_ツ 2012년 12월 16일 오후 2시 39분 
Most sounds cool, but i miss > We are NOT able to play ORIGINAL L4D2 < ,, very pitty .. Come back if you learned to play the game as VALVE released it, and update it for 3 years now. Its hard for most players, to play original games. I have to admit most gamers I/Q level is low, so they grab confogl, to have their ( only ) fun. Its ok....

Plague 2012년 12월 17일 오전 10시 15분 
Er, sorry? What?

Where did I say we don't play original L4D2?

And if your a true PC Gamer, you know as well as I do - moddability of games is a good thing...

Confogl that WE use, only changes very small cvars that VALVE made changable for a reason - personal preference. We play both with and without confogl by the way.

Please troll someone elses thread.
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