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Hello Kitty Nodoka 2013年3月25日 15時14分
Nodoka's Network - Looking for players
Our Left 4 Dead 2 server runs with the latest hardware which means your experience on our server will be 99% perfection. With 99% Uptime. It runs on pure CFG which means we don't use any mods what so ever - We have a private COFOQL server set up for scrims and such aswell.
We host a public teamspeak3 server for the public to use.
If you want to use the server for private scrims feel free to contact me trough steam. And we also have it enable so it can play any gamemodes outside of versus. The server is located in Stockholm, Sweden hosted by fragnet.
To be able to join the server directly you can join the steamgroup which the server is linked to.

I hope you all will enjoy it as much as we alredy do!

L4D2 Server IP:
TS3 IP: eu1.fragnet.net:10093
最近の変更はHello Kitty Nodokaが行いました; 2013年3月26日 3時47分
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Hello Kitty Nodoka 2013年3月26日 3時47分 
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