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7%F3dxhvEuaUVtZ*u^6vvCgst6tjUaH 2014年3月26日 20時50分
Looking for experienced players for versus
Basic general VS experince is ideal, as in you understand the synergy between the special infected classes know the basic death charge spots things like that. More so though I'm looking for friendly players who have mic's, winning does matter to me but more so having a good time is the priority. I'd play Dota 2 again if I wanted to be mad and feel like ♥♥♥♥ when receiving a loss. Lol

Send me a friend request if you're intrested. (Also if you're willing to install Teamspeak that would be fantastic as I own a small gaming community and Teamspeak server and the VOIP quality/latency is far superior to in game VOIP. )
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DaNieL 2014年4月5日 15時13分 
I like realism vs better than normal vs.
I'll add you to my friends list
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