x Pure EcKos Feb 25, 2014 @ 12:21pm
~ True Domination ~
~ True Domination ~
Hey all! So we're True Domination, a new Community looking for new players to join us! We're not looking for anything in particular, we don't care what you're K/D is like etc.. All we wan't is friendly people who enjoys playing games with others! :)

But we do ask for one thing when joining us, you MUST be over the age of 16! It's one of the few rules we have, so please make sure you are over 16 when joining our Teamspeak server!

So, like I said all we're looking for is some cool people to play some video games with us, games like Arma, BF3, BF4, Smite and many others!

So if you're interested then join our Teamspeak server today and we'll have a chat with you and hopefully we'll all be in the same game! Thanks all!

Teamspeak: london2.teamspeak.net:24544