iKarma™ 2月10日下午6:39
Clan Members Needed.
ENVY Gamingg is a new clan looking for more members.
  • Anyone is able to join. (:
  • ENVY Gamingg is NOT associated with cheating/hacking.
  • But we are associated with multiple games like: COD/CS:S/L4D2/etc.
    Anyone is able to use the clan tag; nV | or -nV-
    If you want more information on the clan, just message me. (:
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Razz 4月6日下午1:01 
i'm interested to join :P
Ṩilent Macabre 4月6日下午11:25 
What kind of teamplay does the clan use? Tactical or Improvised Free form?
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