Biiel 2014年5月26日下午9:12
VAC Banned? What happened?
I'm trying to play for hours on some server that I can enter, but none is working because a message appears VAC banned and I do not know what is. Could someone help me clarify this doubt? I swear I did not use any program or hack for the game so it appeared.
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** WoLf ** 2014年5月26日下午11:29 
VAC is Valve Anti-Cheat.. best for you to contact them..
squishymish 2014年5月27日上午2:38 
VAC bans don't happen by accident any more than once per couple hundred thousand at least according to

And Valves VAC team do not provide information on what or when a hack was detected as that would just enable hackers incite as to what to avoid when coding the next update.

Their article on VAC ->
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Blaquicat 2014年5月27日下午1:48 
Briefly speaking, you've been banned, does not unban and they do not say why you took ban (which used cheater, etc..)

There is nothing to do.
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