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Sora. 2012. nov. 26. @ du. 3:53
Looking For Friend Games in l4d2/clans to join
i am a decent left4dead player, i don't mind joining clans and playing/ meeting friends. i haven't enjoy any pub games so far but so far i've been on winning teams so im happy about that. i really want to look for friends who plays more friend games; people who are cool, really nice, and who will invite me after a few games with them. it will be nice if anyone add me to fill in a few spots to their friend games^^

drama free- please.
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Vunderfider 2012. nov. 28. @ du. 2:55 
message me
Maiker 2012. nov. 29. @ de. 5:07 
Well if this is your actual photo, you should have no problem finding 'friends' on steam ;) Just kidding :) You can add me if you like, I really like meeting new people. See you killing zombies :)
Ulturism 2012. nov. 30. @ du. 1:08 
Hey if you find any really nice groups where the guys are just there to have fun and play properly not votekick anyone who makes a single stupid mistake please let me know. I am also looking for some groups to join:)
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