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lululu 2012年11月23日 17時59分
Multiplay cut and uncut
In stupid germany I can only buy cut version. Will I be able to play with friends who've got the uncut version? Pls answer fast, I want to go to bed and the offer expires when I'll wake up ....
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//ad.Don 2012年11月23日 18時05分 
Yes you would.
Uncut sucks tho, just import/gift the uncut version.
lululu 2012年11月23日 18時05分 
But only the cut one is on sale in germany, isn't it?
lululu 2012年11月23日 18時10分 
ahh ♥♥♥♥ this, 5 € is a good offer I'll just buy it ..
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