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CDaerbrek 2012年11月21日 10時47分
Halo themed maps for Left 4 Dead 2
Been thinking ( A dangerous pasttime, I know ) how awesome it would be if the community did a Halo themed map ( Yes, with characters and respective weapons ) for L4D2. If I could, I would, but I simply don't know how to make a mod for L4D2. So... Ideas?
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Sigma 2012年11月21日 14時11分 
The map is possible, with textures and maybe even sounds.

But weapons? Don't think so, unless you count weapon skins
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CDaerbrek 2012年11月21日 18時28分 
I was thinking along the lines of custom weapon skins for each weapon
For example, AK47 could be Suppressor from Halo 4, M16 could be Assualt Rifle, Sniper Rifle.. Well, that's kinda obvious, hunting rifle could be Halo 4 Beam rifle. etc etc
CDaerbrek 2012年12月1日 7時31分 
If anyone is reading this, go ahead and try, it's not like it's gonna kill you to try something new.
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