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beEZ (已封禁) 2012年11月18日下午11:07
Group Invites
I don't get it. You know when people grief and then you quit, and then those same people send you 50+ invites to join different stupid groups such as "Mad cuz bad?" and so on...

My inquiry is the next one: Don't those people have to be in those same groups first in order to send invitations to other people? If that is the case, then how does sending me an invite to join that group makes me feel more bad. I mean YOU are in that group, so obviously you are mad, bad or whatever. I mean if a group is called "Players that suck at L4D2", how does that make you better than me, taking into consideration that you have to be in that group in order to send me an invitation lol
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Hydra_360ci 2012年11月19日上午9:00 
I block all those type of people. Once you do that you're invisible to them. They can't even join the same server that you're currently on.

As to why? Once you join a public group like that and if you have your profile set to public, they can track you a bit easier than normally
最后由 Hydra_360ci 编辑于; 2012年11月19日上午9:05
Brighter than White 2012年11月21日下午3:39 
Once i got invited to 106 Groups, :O
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