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Noah Shy™ 2012年11月18日 17時47分
No Deathrun Maps?
I love maps with one person hidden activating traps and the others trying to survive. These maps exist in GMOD, TF2, and Counter-Strike. There aren't any such maps/mods in L4D2??
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The Unskilled Soldier 2012年11月18日 18時32分 
I found something along the lines of this here:


It's called "Halls of death" and it advertises itself as a deathrun map. I don't know if this is what you're looking for or not. Now whether anyone is hosting this map on a server or not is a different question.
Noah Shy™ 2012年11月18日 20時04分 
I have looked at it. It only has automatic traps. I mean, nobody controls anything. And it's more of an obstacle course.

That map's "deathrun" idea is who can get to the end first.

Thanks for trying, though.
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