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BattleCock 2012年11月17日 15時14分
Left 4 Dead = Walking dead
Anyone watch 'the walking dead' tv series and think they've set the grounds for a simply awesome video game. Left 4 dead 2 has the best zombies in my opinion. I think if they made maps or even a mod with the gang from the show. This could be something i'd pay for.
Any developers should pounce on it :D my wallets open
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Doctor Who 2012年11月17日 22時14分 
I can see a Left 4 Dead Movie released by either Warner Bros. or Universal, but only when Valve releases it's Next Gen Left 4 Dead 3 game based on the new Source Engine. Once Valve releases the 3 to complete a Game Trilogy, there is a good chance we can see movies based on the Characters. Just look at Resident Evil and DOOM films, though Resident Evil is a lot more successful while DOOM well, they messed up the story.

Come on Valve, we want Left 4 Dead 3 Please.......
Marked One 2012年11月17日 22時27分 
The Walking Dead is more survival and tactical oriented. Left 4 Dead is a casual arcade zombie shooter with an engine that doesn't really promote dynamic sandbox survival. The closest we have to a walking dead type game is Day Z. Maybe the new Source Engine they are developing will change some things, but as it stands now, the source engine would be a terrible choice for a Walking Dead type game, unless you really enjoy linear enviroments with minimal render distance with minimal stealth/survival mechanics.
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