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Real Human Bean 2012年11月16日 20時17分
L4D TF2 Hats...
Hey guys, I was just wondering if Left 4 Dead, and/or Left 4 Dead 2 still came with the TF2 hats?
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Kitsune 2012年11月16日 22時21分 
Nope, I believe those were exclusive to preorders. Preorder time passed a long time ago.
chris3069 2012年11月16日 23時37分 
I got a ugly hat and this melee weapon
Real Human Bean 2012年11月17日 15時04分 
Alright, thanks for the replies though.
Fяσƨтвıтε 2012年11月21日 6時49分 
Yes, it does. Once you buy L4D2 and then play TF2, you receive Ellis cap and Frying pan, which are ~ 1.55 refined metal. About L4D - Bill's hat could be received only when the game was pre-purchased.
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