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{N2N}snakeyes 2012年11月16日 11時15分
Spray tags
can someone explain how to import spray pic's i can't seem to figure it out
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Greendog 2012年11月16日 12時50分 
Load it into photoshop and resize to 256x256 (maximum resolution, can be smaller). Save it as a Targa file (.tga).

Steam says you can import .gif and .jpg and the like but it absolutely never works. I don't think Valve even looks at that part of the game and has never bothered fixing it. I've always had 256x256 .tga's work for me though.
{N2N}snakeyes 2012年11月16日 15時17分 
thanks i'll try that see how it goes thanks for the info
chaosrayne 2012年11月17日 19時56分 
snakeyes, do you play war2 glory? just wondering
{N2N}snakeyes 2012年11月18日 4時22分 
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