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BOO-GUY 2012. nov. 16. @ de. 11:04
Foot Kick
It would be great in the game if survivors be able to kick the infected, like in Postal 2 or Return To The Castle Of Wolfenstein
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Greendog 2012. nov. 16. @ du. 12:48 
how would this be different from a shove?
BOO-GUY 2012. dec. 3. @ de. 10:01 
THAT SMOKY RANDY QUAID FLAVOR eredeti hozzászólása:
how would this be different from a shove?

it must be a little bit stronger than shove and must knock back common infected and special infected (except bosses) and in some cases knock infected down or even kill
beEZ (Kitiltva) 2012. dec. 3. @ de. 11:26 
It is not a bad idea. I would not like to have kick and shove ability (because it would lead to same thing), but would like to see kick replace shove. Shove seems dumb, how can you push away with arms 10 zombies around you, everyone knows that kick is stronger (and would feel better too :))
Hydra_360ci 2012. dec. 3. @ de. 11:30 
Or... you could just play Dead Island, instead.
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